Serbia Basketball Wallpapers

Milos Vujanic Wallpaper

Wallpaper of young Serbian player, Milos Vujanic. Milos is in green dress of Greek basketball team Panathinaikos and is holding hands in the air. Quality of wallpaper is not very good because i couldn’t find better picture of him I will try to get better one for next wallpaper of Milos. Share With Friends

Milos Teodosic Wallpaper

Another wallpaper for today – a wallpaper of Milos Teodosic i have made from few pics i found on the Internet I can hear most of you people asking: “Milos WHO???” Milos Teodosic is 21 years old at the moment and is considered one of the best young players on PG position from Europe. Share […]

Marko Keselj Serbia Wallpaper

Third and the last wallpaper of Serbian players will be of Marko Keselj, another young Serbian player who was pleasant surprise for many other players, coaches and scouts he had great tournament, played very good and confident in many hard moments, hit lots of important threes, etc… Share With Friends

Nemanja Nedovic 2014 Wallpaper

I have the first widescreen wallpaper of Nemanja Nedovic on site today… Nemanja Nedovic is Serbian player and rookie in Golden State Warriors team… Few days ago i saw his new sneakers (purple ones with pictures of Belgrade monuments on them), i sent message to his official Facebook page and asked if i can buy […]

Boban Marjanovic Wallpaper

Hi ppl i’m a bit late with this update but i had some hardware problems with my pc… anyway, as i said in last update – i have several more wallpapers of Serbia national team members i’ll post them in alphabetical order so first one will be wallpaper of Boban Marjanovic… wallpaper was created by […]