Dream Team Wallpapers

Paul George USA 2016 Olympics Wallpaper

Less then 1 month is left before opening of 2016 Olympics… Teams that will participate in both groups of basketball tournament are playing friendly matches and finishing preparations for the most prestigious sport competition in every athlete’s life… Here’s wallpaper of Paul George who will play for USA team, team that is #1 candidate to […]

Dream Team 1992 Widescreen Wallpaper

Here’s new wallpaper that will go into USA National Team category – a widescreen wallpaper of 1992 Olympics Dream Team that won gold medal made by Ivan Stader… this team is considered the one and only dream team ever by many fans and basketball experts… it was also the first time players from NBA played […]

Kobe LeBron Durant 2012 USA Dream Team Wallpaper

Hi peeps i’ll open today’s update with group wallpaper of Kobe Bryand, LeBron James and Kevin Durant, all wearing 2012 USA Dream Team jerseys… there’s also blended picture of Bird, Jordan and Magic behind them who were main stars of 1992 Dream Team… wallpaper was made by http://bart-b.deviantart.com… Share With Friends