Dream Team Wallpapers

USA Dream Team 2012 Roster 2560×1440 Wallpaper

2012 Olympic games are less then 1 month ahead of us and after FIBA Qualifying Tournament we know all 12 national teams that will compete for medals… However, one team stands high above all others, one team has roster that’s filled up with some of the best basketball players on the planet… so here’s widescreen […]

USA Basketball Olympic Team 2008 Wallpaper

The last team i’ll add today will be one also called "Dream Team" National team of USA is made of NBA stars and is probably the 1st candidate for Olympic gold medal… Players in this dream team are: Carlos Boozer, Jason Kidd, Lebron James, Deron Williams, Michael Redd, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Chris […]

Tim Duncan USA Team Wallpaper

Also i noticed i hadn’t posted anything of Tim Duncan yet and i couldn’t believe it… One of the best players in last decade and i don’t have his wallpaper on site, man so i’m fixing it right now with this wallpaper of Tim Duncan dunking in USA National Team dress from Olympics. Share With […]

Rajon Rondo USA Team Widescreen Wallpaper

Hey all i have 5 wallpapers for today, a bit less then i usually add per update but i barely managed to prepare this… i’m moving (again) to new apartment on Sunday (in 2 days) and it kept me pretty much occupied for the last week or so (preparations, apartments looking, calling tenants, now packing, […]

LeBron James USA Team Wide Screen Wallpaper

And the last, 15th wallpaper, i’ll add today will be wall of LeBron James in USA national team jersey… sadly just like Kobe, LeBron is in group of NBA All-Stars who won’t play during this tournament i’d love to see all of the best players in their teams… so many other great players won’t play […]