Utah Jazz Wallpapers

Kosta Koufos Utah Jazz Wallpaper

Next is one wallpaper i’ve made for Maverick who asked for wallpaper of Kosta Koufos i’ve found huge picture of Koufos at UtahJazz.com and made simple but big sized wallpaper out of it with Kosta Koufos standing with basketball in his hands and dark Utah Jazz logo behind him… Share With Friends

Karl Malone Wallpaper

The last in this update, but also the last in 2009, will be the first wallpaper of Karl Malone, Utah Jazz legend and probably one of the best players ever who never won NBA title wallpaper is just beautiful, with picture of mountains looking similar to ones in Jazz logo and Karl Malone performing his […]

Gordan Giricek Jazz Wallpaper

And here’s new wallpaper in Croatia category, wallpaper of Gordan Giricek in jersey of Utah Jazz… He’s playing for Phoenix Suns now btw and i’ll try to post up to date wallpaper of him, same as for Primoz Brezec few posts ago Share With Friends

Deron Williams Passing Wallpaper

The last two wallpapers for today will be wallpapers of Deron Williams, an awesome guard of Utah Jazz… in this wallpaper Deron is doing what he’s best in – passing the ball for easy points of his team mates… wallpaper is made by M2D from BBallCentral.com btw… Share With Friends

Carlos Boozer Widescreen Wallpaper

Next two wallpapers will be walls of Carlos Boozer… i had only one of his wallpapers on site so far which is terrible, so i’m adding two more today this one is for widescreen monitors, it looks very good and was made by http://hwp-productions.deviantart.com… Share With Friends