I’m back finally

Hey everyone, i’m finally back I was just about to buy new PC few days ago after my previous post and i got a flu one whole week of staying in warm bed, drinking teas and lemonades… About 4-5 days ago i got new PC, it’s all setup and ready for work now So wallpapers […]

“Buying new PC” break

Hey everyone, just few words to let you all know i haven’t gone anywhere or abandoned this web site I’m in final stages of preparing to buy new PC so i’m spending a LOTS of time making backups, sorting data from hard drive etc… I think i’ll order configuration on monday-thuesday and that i’ll set […]


Welcome aboard everyone !!! I’m Dejan – founder, admin and owner of BasketWallpapers.com Today is Sunday, October 14th, 2007 and for start i want to answer some FAQs… Who are You? – I’m 23 years old guy from Serbia, small country in Europe, who loves basketball and building web sites. What’s this site about? – […]

Boban Marjanovic Wallpaper

Hi ppl i’m a bit late with this update but i had some hardware problems with my pc… anyway, as i said in last update – i have several more wallpapers of Serbia national team members i’ll post them in alphabetical order so first one will be wallpaper of Boban Marjanovic… wallpaper was created by […]