Short Update

hey ppl i have two news, good and bad one… first bad one – i’m sick again i’ve spent last 2 days in bed coughing, drinking teas, lemonades and antibiotics i hope i’ll get over it in next few days, i already feel a bit better but still far from good… good news is that […]

Anderson Varejao Wallpaper

I will add one new country category today – category for Brazil basketball players… The first in Brazil category will be wallpaper of Anderson Varejao in Cleveland Cavaliers jersey i have made from picture i found on the Internet On this wallpaper Varejao is performing humiliating slam dunk in face of Raptors star Chris Bosh… […]

Few words…

Hi all i just wanted to post few words and to show you reason why i have updated this site a bit less then usual in last 10-15 days… First i was concerned about political problems in my country (i’m from Serbia and probably most of you know what happened here about a week ago, […]