Amare Stoudemire 1280×960 Dunk Wallpaper

Hi all i’m a bit late with this update, as you know i’ve been working on new web site – i’ll give you more info about it after i add all wallpapers… i have lots of new wallpapers, 11 if i counted correctly, so let’s start for start i have new Amare Stoudemire wallpaper… it […]

Chicago Sky Wallpaper

Next is wallpaper of WNBA team from Chicago – Chicago Sky something else i want to say, those of you who are with me from the beginning, when i first opened this site in 2007, know how i started – by adding wallpapers of several best and most popular players atm and after that by […]

Chicago Bulls Greats Wallpaper

Second for today is wallpaper of Chicago Bulls team, called Chicago Bulls Greats… there are pictures of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen mixed with pics of current Bulls players Carlos Boozer, Loul Deng and Derrick Rose… and there’s big ulls logo behind all of them wallpaper looks very nice, and it was made by Ritzaahh… […]

Chauncey Billups Title Race 2009 Wallpaper

Hi all It’s time for adding some new wallpapers… I’ll start with wallpaper of Chauncey Billups that represents him trying to win another title with Nuggets this year… wallpaper was made by Saddy, 13 years old guy from Canada who seems to has bright future in front of him as designer thanks Saddy Share With […]

Allen Iverson 3 Nuggets Wallpaper

Since i’ve lost all requests and didn’t have any i have decided to check out every player i have and to post some really good wallpapers in this update so i’ve started from letter A and went down… first who was on my HD and who had some really cool wallpapers was Allen Iverson… in […]

^Alaska Aces Wallpaper

Heya all today i’ll open category for Philippines basketball players and clubs since i had request to add it recently… i’ll start with two teams who entered into finals of Philippines basketball league playoffs… first one is wallpaper of Alaska Aces wallpaper was created by team… Share With Friends