FIBA World Championships Wallpapers

Dirk Nowitzki FIBA World Championship 2010 Wallpaper

When we talk about "giants" on basketball courts, Dirk Nowitzki has to be mentioned… this is wallpaper of him made for World Championship 2010… Nowitzki won’t play at this tournament because he wants to prepare for the next NBA season after signing new contract with Mavs, as he said… Germany without him is doomed […]

FIBA Women World Championship 2010 Wallpaper

Hi all i have some new wallpapers, for start here’s wallpaper of FIBA Women World Championship 2010 that started about a week ago in Czech Republic… i don’t if you knew about tournament or not, neither if you have watched some games or not, but i wanted to add wallpaper anyway for those who are […]