FIBA World Championships Wallpapers

Marko Keselj Serbia Wallpaper

Third and the last wallpaper of Serbian players will be of Marko Keselj, another young Serbian player who was pleasant surprise for many other players, coaches and scouts he had great tournament, played very good and confident in many hard moments, hit lots of important threes, etc… Share With Friends

Itoro Umoh FWC 2006 Wallpaper

And now i’ll add 5 wallpapers of female players made by after Female World Championship 2006 in Brazil was finished… made one wallpaper for leader in each statistic category (Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks and Steals)… Itoro Umoh from Nigeria was leader in assists and this is her wallpaper Share With Friends

Hana Machova FWC 2006 Wallpaper

Second goes wallpaper of Hana Machova from Czech Republic who was leader in steals during Female World Championship 2006… This is the first wallpaper in Czech Republic category and also the first time i am opening category for some country with a female player btw this wallpaper was also made by… Share With Friends

FIBA World Championship 2010 Schedule Wallpaper

Hi all FIBA World Championship 2010 starts later today and i have one "special" wallpaper for all of you who will be watching the biggest clash of giants this year – widescreen wallpaper of FIBA World Championship 2010 Schedule with list of all former world champions since 1950 that was made by… enjoy games, […]

Dimitrios Diamantidis WC2006 Wallpaper

It seems today is day for foreign players Next one is wallpaper of Greek basketball star, best European defensive player in last few years and MVP of Euroleague 2007 Final Four – Dimitrios Diamantidis. This wallpaper is made by for World Championship 2006 where Diamantidis was leader in steals. Share With Friends