Greece Basketball Wallpapers

Panathinaikos 2009 Team Wallpaper

Next two wallpapers are going into Greece category… Recently i got requests to add more wallpapers of Panathinaikos and Olympiacos so here they are first goes wallpaper of Panathinaikos 2009 roster made by site, an official web site of Panathinaikos BC… Share With Friends

Panathinaikos Athens BC Wallpaper

I finally grabbed some time to make wallpapers of Greek basketball league teams… i’ll start with wallpaper of Panathinaikos Athens BC, the most successful Greek basketball team in history… PAO was euroleague champion 5 times, has 31 championships and 12 cups in Greek A1 league, and many other trophies… Share With Friends

Panathinaikos Logo Wallpaper

I think this will be the last wallpaper for today since some friends are coming here later… This one will make people from Greece happy, especially fans of Panathinaikos Some time ago i posted wallpaper of Olympiacos and shortly after that i got few comments that i should post wallpaper of Panathinaikos too (btw the […]

Olympiacos Piraeus BC Wallpaper

After PAO, i’ll add wallpaper of Olympiacos Piraeus BC… huge rivalry between Panathinaikos and Olympiacos is well known to anyone into Greek league or European basketball in general… Olympiacos has 1 Euroleague title so far, and 9 championships and 8 cups of Greek A1 league… Share With Friends

Olympiacos BC Wallpaper

The last for today is wallpaper of Olympiacos BC i made because i couldn’t find any at official web site of Olympiacos anyway i hope you’ll like it in next update i will add walls of NBA players again so stay with me Share With Friends

Nikos Galis Wallpaper

Here’s the next wallpaper in this update, also one in "legends" set i’ve made btw i hope you like the idea of going back to past and posting wallpapers of the best players from their times anyway, here’s wallpaper of Nikos Galis, the best Greek player in 90s… Galis played at shooting guard position. He […]

Milos Vujanic Wallpaper

Wallpaper of young Serbian player, Milos Vujanic. Milos is in green dress of Greek basketball team Panathinaikos and is holding hands in the air. Quality of wallpaper is not very good because i couldn’t find better picture of him I will try to get better one for next wallpaper of Milos. Share With Friends