I’m Back After 2 Years

I'm Back After 2 Years

I’m Back After 2 Years

I’m baacckkk :) :) After 2 years of posting no updates and boycotting NBA basketball – I decided that NBA is back to normal, that healthy and competitive environment is back in league and finally after 2 years I can say that I find NBA interesting to watch again as neutral basketball fan :)

I’m not going to go into details why I didn’t watch NBA or updated site in the last 2 years – I’ll just say that I found it idiotic that there was 1 team with 5 All-Star players on it’s roster and that it was obvious who is gonna win a title since preseason… What’s the point of watching shitty league like that, with no healthy competition and at least several teams that have more or less the same chances to win a title in the end… But that shitty period is behind us, lots of changes happened this summer and league is finally back to normal in my opinion :)

Some of You might ask why I didn’t continue to work on site just for revenue… Answer is simple – money was not the main reason why I created this website back in 2007 !!! The reason was my love for basketball as a sport !!!! This website started as a small online collection of NBA designs and wallpapers, and organically grew over time into website it is today :) Revenue from website kicked in a bit later, but at start it was not in plans at all… I learned to use Photoshop and started creating wallpapers because I loved watching NBA, and I enjoyed creating something that people liked and used :) But when I lost interest for NBA – I could not force myself to continue working on website and creating content anymore :( I’m like that in life – if I want to do something I will do it the best way I can… If I don’t want to do something – nobody and nothing can force me to do it…

When it comes to wallpapers – I have to admit that I have not opened Photoshop for 2 years… I forgot a lot of stuff… I lost all textures/brushes/fonts and everything I used for designing stuff… And I am sure I’ll need some time to get back into shape and gather resources again :) Also, I can not promise if I’ll post 1 or 20 wallpapers per month because of my job and family, but I can assure You it won’t take another 2 years before I post something again :)

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