NCAA Wallpapers

NCAA Final Four 2010 Widescreen Wallpaper

And now, i have something completely new on site, and also related to previous wallpaper of Evan Turner… i’m opening category for NCAA league and adding first sub-category in it, for NCAA Final Four tournaments… wallpaper was made for 2010 NCAA Final Four by… in future i’ll try to add categories for some NCAA […]

Maya Moore UCONN Huskies Widescreen Wallpaper

And the last requested wallpaper i’ll add today is widescreen wallpaper of Maya Moore in UCONN Huskies jersey… i usually don’t add players before they get to professional teams, but Maya Moore will be in WNBA 100%… in very near future… wallpaper was requested by “HuskyNation” in chat box Share With Friends

Kemba Walker UCONN Widescreen Wallpaper

Shortly after previous update i received few requests to add more wallpapers of Kemba Walker… i was lucky to find this one yesterday, because i probably wouldn’t have time to make it (i’m going to my g/f in Germany on Wednesday and i’ll be there for the next 1.5 months)… anyway, wallpaper was made by […]