AXA FC Barcelona Wallpapers

Victor Sada Wallpaper

And the last in this "Final Four" update i’m adding wallpaper of Victor Sada, Spanish player and member of BC Barcelona… this wallpaper was also made by official web site of Euroleauge (… Share With Friends

Juan Carlos Navarro Wallpaper

Good morning people I’ll add few more wallpapers now, the first one is wallpaper of Spanish player Juan Carlos Navarro in Barcelona jersey. This wallpaper is made in 2006 by, the official Basketball Euroleague web site… Share With Friends

Barcelona 2010 Euroleague Champions Wallpaper

Most of you probably know that Euroleague 2010 is finished yesterday with finals match between FC Barcelona and Olympiacos… Barcelona who controlled game whole time won it and became 2010 Euroleage champion, while Juan Carlos Navarro won Euroleageu 2010 Final Four MVP title… i congratulate to Barcelona players, and to all Barca fans wallpaper was […]

FC Barcelona Logo Wallpaper

Weekend finally For today i have small international update and for start here’s wallpaper of one of the biggest basketball teams from Spain – Barcelona… i got several complaints lately about posting wallpaper of Real Madrid only so here’s wallpaper to make all of you happy I’ll post wallpapers of other Spain basketball clubs in […]