Ricky Rubio Wallpapers

Ricky Rubio Timberwolves 1920×1200 Wallpaper

Hi all new day – new update… i’m happy to be back on old schedule and daily updates (i had some more free time these days)… first in this update is new widescreen wallpaper of Ricky Rubio who recently came back to playing after an injury… wallpaper was made by http://bart-b.deviantart.com… Share With Friends

Ricky Rubio Wallpaper

I have new wallpaper for today, a wallpaper of Ricky Rubio i have made just an hour ago if you remember i have posted the first wallpaper of Rubio a bit before Olympics when i wrote he is huge talent (for those of you who didn’t know who this guy is)… you could see him […]

Ricky Rubio Twitter Profile Wallpaper

Unfortunately i had to remove this wallpaper because of copyright issues, sorry all for that Third wallpaper i’ll add today was not originally wallpaper but design forofficial Twitter profile of Ricky Rubio made by Dariusz Ejkiewicz Design and looks of this "wallpaper" are just great and i decided to resize it a little bit and […]

Ricky Rubio Joventut Widescreen Wallpaper

Hey all I have got several great wallpapers in last few days, including this one, and i want to say thanks to all of you who are sending them to me This is widescreen wallpaper of young Spanish player Ricky Rubio in jersey of Joventut (Spanish team)… btw for those of you who doesn’t know, […]