Caja Laboral Wallpapers

Tiago Splitter Wallpaper

This is the last wallpaper for today… I have made wallpaper of young Brazil basketball star Tiago Splitter. Tiago plays in Europe at the moment, in Spanish team Tau Ceramica (Baskonia) and is already drafted by San Antonio Spurs so we’ll see him in NBA probably in one year. Share With Friends

TAU Ceramica Wallpaper

Here’s wallpaper of TAU Ceramica, one more Spanish team playing in Euroleague this year… TAU Ceramica was fourth at final four last season and this year they will have chance to get better place… Share With Friends

Caja Laboral Baskonia Wallpaper

After long time here’s new wallpaper of one of the best Spanish basketball teams in recent past, team that was known as Tau Ceramica but changed name due to sponsorship change… it’s wallpaper of Caja Laboral Baskonia team logo and Spanish background blended with cool looking flames textures in background… wallpaper was created by […]