Chris Andersen Wallpapers

Denver Nuggets 2008-09 Wallpaper

Here’s requested wallpaper of Nuggets i got so many requests from Nuggets fans recently to make Nuggets big 5, more of mr. Big Shot, more of JR Smith, more of Birdman, more of Melo, etc… So team created wallpaper of all of them together (with Nene and K-Mart) i hope you’ll like it and […]

Chris Andersen Wallpaper

I got some more new wallpapers for today first will be wallpaper of Chris Andersen, lots of you asked for his wallpapers and made this one earlier today i used the same background as in "Nuggets Big 3" wallpaper i made in last update and since you liked it i thought why not use it […]

Chris Andersen Nuggets Wallpaper

Here’s the only wallpaper of Chris Andersen i managed to find… i don’t understand how second blocker in league don’t have more walls on the net but what can we do this wallpaper was made by, official web site of Denver Nuggets btw… Share With Friends