Chris Paul Wallpapers

Chris Paul Layup Wallpaper

Good day ppl for today i have prepared one mixed update, i’ll start with wallpaper of Chris Paul going for layup that was made and sent to me by Jake Sundean several days ago Jake has made several wallpapers of various players and today i will add two of them… Share With Friends

Chris Paul Number 3 Widescreen Wallpaper

Next few additions will be wallpapers of players but without their pictures… yeah, i know, i bit strange to have wallpaper of NBA players without their picture but i liked these walls in each wallpaper there’s name of player, his team number and picture of indoor basketball court as background… first will be Chris Paul’s […]

Chris Paul New York Knicks Widescreen Wallpaper

The last two are wallpapers related to some hot NBA topics 😉 first is widescreen wallpaper of Chris Paul in New York Knicks jersey (Photo manipulation, not real), but many are discussing lately if CP3 will join Knicks after this season and create another Big 3 in NYC with Amare and Melo… so, here’s how […]

Chris Paul 1680×1050 Hornets Wallpaper

One more requested wall – widescreen wallpaper of Chris Paul in NO Hornets jersey… a complaint/request hit my email inbox while i was on vacation with request to add wallpaper of CP3 as Hornet so previous wall with him as Knick won’t be at the top of his category… this wall was made by Ryan […]

Chris Paul MVP Wallpaper

Next two wallpapers will be added to Chris Paul category, both of them were designed by Dariusz Ejkiewicz for (his official website) and both of them look great. This first wall is made to give support to Chris as he’s one of top few candidates for this season MVP award. Share With Friends