Dallas Mavericks Wallpapers

Jose Juan Barea Dallas Mavericks Widescreen Wallpaper

Hey all basketball fans :)… it’s great time for all of us who love the game, NBA Finals are ahead of us and before finals start, it’s time for me to add some new wallpapers here… i’ll start with widescreen wallpaper of Jose Juan Barea in Dallas Mavericks jersey… wallpaper was made by http://mississippibullet.deviantart.com… Share […]

Josh Howard Cool Wallpaper

Here’s new wallpaper of Josh Howard, player who had only 3 wallpapers in his category so far… this wallpaper looks awesome, there’s picture of Josh Howard posing in fancy t-shirt, pants and sneakers while he’s holding basketball in his hands… wallpaper was made by http://k1lluminati.deviantart.com… Share With Friends

Dirk Nowitzki Drawn Wallpaper

Hi all i haven’t posted wallpapers of European players for some time so i’ll add two of them today… First one is drawn wallpaper of Dirk Nowitzki as he shoots the ball with big Mavs logo next to him… thanks to anyone who sent it to me btw Share With Friends