Julius Erving Wallpapers

Dr. J Dunk Over Larry Bird Widescreen Wallpaper

Hi to all basketball fans :))) i delayed this update for day or two because tomorrow, in less then 24 hours i’m heading to Bulgaria with group of my friends to attend races of WRC (World Rally Championship) around Borovec mountain… i have several new wallpapers, i’ll start with great looking wall of Dr. J. […]

Michael Jordan – Dr. J. Wallpaper

No update can be called true "legends update" without some wallpaper of Michael Jordan so for the end i will add two wallpapers i found in very near past and i think most of you haven’t seen them so far first is wallpaper of Michael Jordan and Dr. J. standing one next to other… Share […]

Julius Erving Wallpaper

And now, i’m adding first two wallpapers of NBA legend, Julius Erving few weeks ago there was short video clip of Dr. J and his career posted on facebook… after watching it i felt ashamed because i never added a single wallpaper of him in this wallpaper Julius Erving is going for one of his […]