Magic Johnson Wallpapers

Magic Johnson LA Lakers Signed Wallpaper

Since i added MJ’s wallpaper minute ago, i’ll continue by adding wallpapers of two more NBA legends first will be wallpaper of Magic Johnson with picture of him calling action, his signature (i hope it is real one but ca’t be sure since i didn’t make wallpaper) and lots of small pics near top and […]

Magic Johnson Widescreen Wallpaper

The last two for today are going to be wallpapers of two NBA legends you all know i have huge respect for retired NBA players and legends and that i like adding their wallpapers from time to time this is cool looking widescreen wallpaper of Magic Johnson that was made by… Share With Friends

Victor Oladipo Magic 2560×1600 Wallpaper

Start of new NBA season is getting closer and closer, and i’ve seen increasing number of discussions lately about who will be 2013-2014 NBA Rookie of the Year… in most of articles i’ve read Victor Oladipo is placed in top 3 candidates therefore i am adding new wallpaper of him, this time in Orlando Magic […]