Michael Jordan Wallpapers

Michael Jordan Sky Dunk Wallpaper

Next wallpaper of MJ is another piece of art designed by http://usman-gfx.deviantart.com some of people who loved MJ, like i did, believed that he can fly (not literally of course)… this wallpaper of him going for slam dunk with cloudy sky behind him might be a proof of that hehe Share With Friends

Michael Jordan Stolen Generation Wallpaper

The last wallpaper of Michael Jordan for today is also the best in my opinion… it’s called "Stolen Generation" and represents whole bunch of great players, even hall of famers, who never managed to get NBA rings because they played in the same era with Jordan and his Bulls this great wallpaper was made by […]

Michael Jordan Wallpaper

After "Pistol Pete’ it’s time for one more NBA legend – 3 new wallpapers of Michael Jordan this wallpaper represents something Jordan was best in – fooling whole defenses guarding him… here he penetrates 4 players of Milwaukee Bucks on his way to the hoop wallpaper was made by http://derro-ta.deviantart.com… Share With Friends

Kobe vs MJ 1998 Widescreen Wallpaper

With this wallpaper i’m ending the "legends" part of update and going back to present… this is widescreen wallpaper of Kobe Bryant playing against Michael Jordan during his rookie season, back in 1998… wallpaper was made by LakerScore.com web site, a very good Lakers related portal where you can find some more good Lakers wallpapers […]