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2013 NBA Playoffs 2560×1600 Wallpaper

One more NBA season is finished… One more year BasketWallpapers followed playoffs together with you providing high quality wallpapers and NBA related graphics including this playoffs bracket wallpaper i kept updated daily since the first day of 2013 NBA Playoffs up to game 7 of NBA Finals Like every year before, it was pleasure for […]

2013 NBA Calendar 2560×1600 Wallpaper

Hey all, hope you’re enjoying weekend… for today i have a small surprise that i’ve been working on for the past 2 days it’s big sized 2013 calendar wallpaper with NBA players and important basketball events like NBA All-Star, NBA Playoffs, NBA Draft, NBA Finals, NBA Summer League, NBA Christmas Special and FIBA international competitions […]

2011 NBA Lokcout Wallpaper

The last in this update will be wallpaper made for 2011 NBA Lockout… yes, i have made wallpaper and dedicated it to lockout… there’s NBA logo covered with chains in front and pictures of various NBA teams fans in background… what i wanted to do is to remind both NBA team owners, NBA staff and […]