Ron Artest Wallpapers

Ron Artest LA Lakers Widescreen Wallpaper

As most of you know we had some big trades this summer and i have already added wallpapers of several players who were parts of most important trades in their new teams jerseys… Today i am adding widescreen wallpaper of Ron Artest, new LA Lakers member that was made by Share With Friends

Ron Artest Lakers Wallpaper

I have posted few wallpapers of Ron Artest since he was traded to Lakers and here’s one more btw this is first out of 4 Lakers related wallpapers i will add until the end of this update… this wall was also made by "swooshkidjm"… Share With Friends

Ron Artest Kings Wallpaper

Second player i’m adding is Ron Artest… i got request to add widescreen wallpaper of him in Rockets jersey but i couldn’t find any talking about that, i wasn’t able to find any good walls of him altogether… i’ll add two wallpapers, this first one is from times when he was member of Kings… wallpaper […]