Seattle Supersonics Wallpapers

Shawn Kemp Wallpaper

For the rest of this update we’re going back into past because i will add some new wallpapers of NBA legends few days ago i got e-mail with link to wallpapers collection of web site… i checked out wallpapers there and picked up best ones that i’ll add today starting with this wallpaper of […]

Seattle SuperSonics Memories Wallpaper

And now, one special wallpaper – Seattle SuperSonics Memories Wallpaper… few days ago i went to local basketball playground… there were few guys with Seattle SuperSonics ball it was old ball, several years old probably, but it was nice memories flashback moment… after few games, when we sat to take a break for a while […]

Shawn Kemp Reverse Dunk Wallpaper

And third wallpaper of Shawn Kemp i’ll post today, a wallpaper of Kemp performing one of his two-handed reverse slam dunks made by web site… I hope "AgentOrange" will like these and i’m sorry sizes of these walls are a bit smaller but those are only i had or managed to find if i […]

Shawn Kemp Wallpaper

Hey all I haven’t posted updates a bit longer then usual because i redesigned some of my sites including this one but now when it’s done i’m back on track for today i have prepared few wallpapers of 2 NBA legends and i’ll start with drawn wallpaper of Shawn Kemp made by… Share With […]

Seattle Supersonics Closed

As most of you know NBA team Seattle Supersonics is moved to Oklahoma City and took new name Thunder so i am now closing this category and won’t add any wallpapers of Supersonics (unless one day new time arrives in Seattle and take name Supersonics) here’s link to new team’s category with wallpapers of Oklahoma […]