Tim Duncan Wallpapers

Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs Wallpaper

The last two players i’ll add today are NBA veterans and stars who are slowly coming near end of their careers… first is wallpaper of San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan holding the ball while pivoting with black background behind him wallpaper was made by http://thepinoyballa.deviantart.com… Share With Friends

Tim Duncan Shooting Wallpaper

The last one for today… It’s wallpaper of Tim Duncan made by Riaz Lakhani from WCRemix.com or SlamDuncan.com (or both, i’m not sure since both sites are mentioned in credits)… Anyway, wall looks great and has picture of Tim shooting the ball with text message "And who said big men can’t shoot" that’s all for […]

Tim Duncan Spurs Wallpaper

Hey all as you might noticed few days ago i have added chat box on site and i was asked why there are not more wallpapers of Tim Duncan by "c-lon"… i checked out his category and saw i have only posted 1 wallpaper of him so far (two if i count wallpaper in Spurs […]