Toronto Raptors Wallpapers

Chris Bosh Wallpaper

Here’s part of today’s update for NBA fans, i am adding one more wallpaper made by Dariusz Ejkiewicz, a wallpaper of Chris Bosh btw just to add, these wallpapers made by Dariusz are his, i didn’t make them… i am just posting them on my site with his permissions so all of you who were […]

Chris Bosh Wallpaper

I have also several new wallpapers made by a friend of mine Dariusz Ejkiewicz, the first one i’ll post today is awesome looking wallpaper of Chris Bosh i’ll add more of his wallpapers in next updates so stay with me… Share With Friends

T. J. Ford Raptors Wallpaper

Next players are all active players, yeah legends part of update is finished, and i’ll add first wallpaper of T. J. Ford and open his category… this wallpaper was made by Jakub Kaleta for, official web site of T. J. Ford… in this wallpaper T. J. Ford is in Raptors jersey, i know he’s […]