Phoenix Mercury Wallpapers

Diana Taurasi 2009 Widescreen Wallpaper

I’ll add two more wallpapers of Diana, this one is widescreen wallpaper originally made by… it was originally 4:3 wallpaper but i quickly edited it and made widescreen version since i’m sure there are lots of Diana Taurasi fans with wide monitors out there you can get 1600×1200 version of this wallpaper on Diana’s […]

Diana Taurasi 2009 WNBA MVP Wallpaper

Hi all as some of you know WNBA finals are over and Phoenix Mercury took title, their second in team history… start of this update will be dedicated to Diana Taurasi who was named 2009 WNBA Finals MVP (and she’s also 2009 regular season MVP)… in this wallpaper made by Diana poses with regular […]