Basketball Legends

Hi all, i have a surprise for you :) You know all leagues are finished, both NBA, Euroleague, most of countries leagues and cups, etc… The first interesting basketball event will be at Olympics but until then we have "empty" month or two so i have decided to use this time to look back in history and add some of the legendary players to site…

The idea came from nomination of "50 greatest Euroleage contributors" that was published recently :) Players and coaches who got these awards are mostly foreign, from Europe, but true
basketball lovers should know all of them because most of them, if not all, would be parts of the best European or NBA teams today (some from the list did play in NBA and some still do)… Also i will add American legends as i want to cover as much old players that mustn’t be forgotten as possible so i recommend all of you to stay with me :)

Dejan M. :)

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