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For the end, i need Your help :) For the last month or so i was thinking about changing the way i work on site a little bit. As many of you who are regular visitors noticed updates became less frequesnt in previous months (reasons for that are not important but are justified by changes in my private life)… Sometimes i simply can’t start update if i don’t have 3-5 hours to finish it so it gets delayed… day by day… So, i decided to ask You – BasketWallpapers.com visitors and basketball fans what should i do :) So i was thinking to start posting 1-2 wallpapers per day as it should be less time consuming and it would be easier for me to prepare and post updates…

Below is link to simple online poll with question… Voting is over, no
need to vote anymore :)

– I’ll keep it open for 10-15 days.

Voting form was here, no need to vote anymore

Thanks to all who vote and help me decide which direction should my work on site go :)
Admin :)

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