Finally Back :)

Finally… After like 10 days i’m back :) I’m in new house, it took us several days to get things setup, also i was sick for few days, but it’s all finished now and i have Internet connection :) it’s dial up lol, but it will be good until i get ADSL again… i have already signed up contract with ISP and now i’m waiting for them to prepare some tech stuff on their end and to give me a call when it’s all done to come and get modem :) honestly i can’t wait to get it, it will be 1024k/128k connection, 2 times faster then one i had :)

Now, to get back to stuff you’re most interested into – wallpapers :) i will start adding them again, either today or from tomorrow :) i’m so happy to be back, i missed all this believe it or not :)

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