New Partner-Site Opened

Post Updated in 2014 – is closed down.

One more post for the end of this update – i have some news for all of you basketball fans :)
In last 2-3 days i was busy opening new partner site of…
New site is, here’s quote that should explain why i needed new site:

"After 4 years of working on i ended up with hundreds and hundreds of mid-quality wallpapers on my HD i didn’t want to publish… Most common reasons were:
1. Wallpapers were outdated (player changed team, or event wallpaper represented took place long time ago…)
2. Wallpapers were too small for today’s standards (lower then 1280×960 or 1280×800 resolutions)
3. Wallpapers were made by basketball fans so their quality wasn’t good enough to reach high standards i had for…"

I found solution that allows me to keep posting only the best wallpapers here but to use everything people make and send to me… Hope you will like idea and that you’ll find some useful stuff on new site :)

Dejan M. aka Admin :)

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