Chris Paul Layup Wallpaper

Good day ppl for today i have prepared one mixed update, i’ll start with wallpaper of Chris Paul going for layup that was made and sent to me by Jake Sundean several days ago Jake has made several wallpapers of various players and today i will add two of them… Share With Friends

Dejan Bodiroga Wallpaper

And here’s wall of second Serbian legend in this update – wallpaper of Dejan Bodiroga there’s so much Bodiroga has accomplished in his career that it’s hard to list everything but i’ll mention some of the biggest awards and medals he won… with Yugoslavian national team he won one silver from Olympics, 2 gold medals […]

Darryl Dawkins Wallpaper

Now after i’m done with Greek basketball league i’ll add wallpaper of Darryl Dawkins, retired Philadelphia 76ers player… few days ago there was posted a video clip at official NBA fan page at facebook of Darryl Dawkins breaking boards with powerful dunks… so i decided to make wallpaper and add his category to site, most […]

Drazen Dalipagic Wallpaper

The second is wallpaper of Drazen Dalipagic, Serbian legend and one of most dominant European players in period of 70s and 80s… Dalipagic has won all medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze) at each of big international tournaments (Olympics, World Championship and Eurobasket) and he holds the world record with most medals won at World Championships […]

James Worthy Wallpaper

Now it’s time to add another legend on site, basketball hall of famer and LA Lakers legend – James Worthy this is the first wallpaper of him i found and i just had to open category asap… legend like James Worthy deserves place here among other NBA legends wallpaper was made by, same as […]

Detroit Pistons Logo Wallpaper

As i promised earlier today, here’s the second NBA team logo-wallpaper for today. This is wallpaper of Detroit Pistons,there’s logo in the middle and black background around it. Btw there will be one more wallpaper for today… wallpaper was created by team… Share With Friends

Glen Davis Celtics Wallpaper

Hi all today’s update starts with wallpaper of Boston Celtics forward – Glen Davis you requested his walls, i couldn’t find any on the Internet so team created one hope you’ll like it, and i’m sorry because it’s only 1024×768 in size but i couldn’t find better picture to use Share With Friends

Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks Wallpaper

Let’s fill up Dirk Nowitzki category a little, shall we Here’s wallpaper of Dallas Mavericks All-Star player Dirk Nowitzki made in 2001 by It makes me think, how much time has passed since his rookie season (1998) till his NBA MVP Title in 2007… Great career Share With Friends