Argentina Diamond Ball 2008 Champions Wide Wallpaper

This is widescreen wallpaper of Diamond Ball 2008 tournament winners – Argentina… btw if someone doesn’t know Diamond Ball is FIBA organized tournament that takes place every 4 years, just before the start of Olympics… Diamond Ball was founded back in 2000 and two champions before Argentina 2008 were Australia (2000) and Serbia (2004)… wallpaper […]

Dwyane Wade Heat Is On Widescreen Wallpaper

I know i already added wallpaper of D-Wade today but here’s one more… i haven’t posted any new wallpapers of D-Wade alone for few months, i only added walls of him together with LeBron and Chris Bosh all together… so i’m adding 2 of his walls today this wall was made by m3loman… Share With […]

Glen Davis Celtics 2011 Widescreen Wallpaper

The rest of this update will be related to players and teams we’ll watch in 2011 NBA Playoffs… first i’ll add widescreen wallpaper of Glen Davis whose Celtics are playing pretty bad since All-Star break… i hope they’ll get back on track when playoffs start cause i’d love to see them against other top ranked […]