Julius Randle Lakers 1600×900 Wallpaper

After acquiring Roy Hibbert from free agency LA Lakers have one more reason to believe they can return to old glory paths in next season and Julius Randle is expected to be a big part of success Lakers fan are hoping for… wallpaper was created by http://assasinsilent.deviantart.com Share With Friends

LaMarcus Aldridge Spurs 2015 Wallpaper

The San Antonio Spurs have won it again… They managed to sign All-Star center LaMarcus Aldridge after he was being chased by several NBA teams since he became free agent… So here’s widescreen wallpaper of LaMarcus Aldridge in San Antonio Spurs jersey that was created by http://newtdesigns.deviantart.com Share With Friends

LA Lakers Future 2015 Wallpaper

La Lakers had horrible year last season but they are looking forward into bright future… Team has young players core, Kobe will return healthy and will hopefully play like all NBA fans are used to, and with some addition into team from free agency – they definitely have reasons to be optimistic… in this wallpaper […]