Linas Kleiza Wallpapers

Linas Kleiza Wallpaper

Next wallpaper goes to Lithuania category, it’s wallpaper of Lithuanian national team member and of Denver Nuggets – Linas Kleiza… In this wallpaper Kleiza is taking a fade-away shot in front of black background… btw i have remade this wallpaper and made it 1600×1200 in size, the original one made by was only 1024×768 […]

Linas Kleiza Nuggets Wallpaper

Long time ago, probably few months after i opened this site i added category for Lithuanian Charles Barkley as people call him sometimes… more then a year has passed and i never added new wallpapers of him until now… here’s new wallpaper of Linas Kleiza, and i have to say a very good looking wallpaper […]