Detroit Pistons Wallpapers

Pistons Logo Wallpaper

Today i’m going to post several wallpapers with logos of NBA teams, i’m starting with Detroit Pistons. This is the second logo wallpaper of Pistons i have on site so far, i will add 3rd one a bit later Share With Friends

Chauncey Billups Pistons Wallpaper

Next one is the first wallpaper of Detroit Pistons star, Chauncey Billups… Mr. Big Shot is dribbling the ball in this wallpaper and there’s cool texture background behind him… btw whenever i post the first wallpaper of such a good player on site i always feel strange that i never posted anything of him before, […]

Carlos Delfino Detroit Pistons Wallpaper

Hey everybody, today i’m adding more international players to site… I have two wallpapers of Argentinian player Carlos Delfino, this first wallpaper is from times he played for Detroit Pistons, he’s dribbling the ball and there’s very nice background with Pistons logo. Share With Friends

Josh Smith Pistons 1920×1200 Wallpaper

Hey all, hope you’re having good weekend time i spent whole day in Stutgart Zoo yesterday and i had great time, hope you’re having good time also anyway, here’s widescreen wallpaper of Josh Smith who became new member of Detroit Pistons… wallpaper was made by… Share With Friends