Kevin Garnett Wallpapers

Kevin Garnett Wallpaper

The second wallpaper of Kevin Garnett i’m adding today was made by and it’s a bit unusual… at first sight i thought it’s widescreen wallpaper but after i checked out it’s size i saw it’s regular one Share With Friends

Kevin Garnett Wallpaper

Next wallpaper of KG for today is one uploaded to me by some of you ppl and maybe even made by some of you, i’m not sure since there’s nothing about author in it anyway it’s wallpaper of KG in Celtics jersey with message "Where intensity happens", inspired by NBA’s motto "Where amazing happens" Share […]

Kevin Garnett Widescreen Wallpaper

Hi ppl as some of you know i had problems with my PC this weekend and i had to wait few days to get it back from service… i’ve lost most of the data from last few weeks including some cool wallpapers, e-mails and requests list but luckily i made backup of everything important few […]

Celtics 2008 NBA Champions Wallpaper

Next part of this update will cover actual NBA champions – Boston Celtics since playoffs are getting very close i wanted to add some new wallpapers of Celtics, plus i got few requests… in this wallpaper there are KG and Paul Pierce with message "Boston Celtics 2008 World Champions" in background… Share With Friends