Kobe Bryant Wallpapers

Kobe Bryant Widescreen Wallpaper

The last for today is widescreen wallpaper of Kobe Bryant made by http://n4s-gfx.deviantart.com many categories are lacking good widescreen wallpapers, Kobe’s is not different at all… they are harder to find then regular ones because there are simply less of them on the Internet, but i’m trying to add them whenever i get some Share […]

Kobe 2011 Dunk Widescreen Wallpaper

It’s been some time since i added last wallpaper of Black Mamba… i’m not sure, but i think it was during second round of western conference… this is widescreen wallpaper of Kobe flying for slam dunk… wall was made by http://roy03x.deviantart.com… Share With Friends

Kobe Bryant Eye Of Mamba Wallpaper

We can’t talk about 2010 playoffs without mentioning Kobe Bryant who’s doing great job and leading Lakers game after game… not to mention his 40 points in yesterdays game against Suns during west finals opening… this wallpaper is just great in my opinion and i want to say big thanks to whoever uploaded it to […]

Kobe Bryant 1440×900 Wallpaper

Good day ppl hope you’re having good weekend, mine was great i spent two days on a mini-camping trip in nature and it was awesome for today i have prepared wallpapers of 3 NBA stars, 2 of each player, and all 3 are players you requested in last few days in chat… for start here’s […]

Kobe Bryant 2009 NBA Finals MVP Wallpaper

I have made one wallpaper for today, it’s wallpaper of Kobe Bryant, 2009 NBA Finals MVP Kobe is holding two trophies, for NBA championship and NBA Finals MVP, above his head with Lakers crowd celebrating in the streets of Los Angeles behind him… This is something for Lakers fans until i find some good team […]

Kobe Bryant 2400×1800 Wallpaper

Other wallpaper of Kobe is for people who use 4:3 screen resolutions (eg – 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×960, 1600×1200 etc) and this wallpaper is huge… i think it’s the largest 4:3 wallpaper i ever added into Kobe’s category so far… anyway, wall was made by http://hayes123.deviantart.com… Share With Friends