LeBron James Wallpapers

LeBron James USA Team Wide Screen Wallpaper

And the last, 15th wallpaper, i’ll add today will be wall of LeBron James in USA national team jersey… sadly just like Kobe, LeBron is in group of NBA All-Stars who won’t play during this tournament i’d love to see all of the best players in their teams… so many other great players won’t play […]

LeBron James Bulls Jersey Widescreen Wallpaper

The last wallpaper before i post updated playoffs bracket one will be wallpaper of LeBron James in Chicago Bulls jersey… everyone is talking about LeBron these days, making various combinations with salary caps etc etc… Bulls are one of possible options where James could end up this summer… i haven’t made this wallpaper, http://katsenhakeron.deviantart.com did, […]

LeBron James Cavs Practice Wallpaper

Next 3 will be wallpapers of the "King" i haven’t posted a lot of new stuff in categories of top NBA players in last month or so because i was more focused on some other less popular players, WNBA and international stars but in next few updates all most popular players will get few walls […]

LeBron James Dribbling Widescreen Wallpaper

Next two wallpapers of LeBron will both be for widescreen monitors i got few requests to add widescreen wallpapers of him because there were none in his category (yeah, i couldn’t believe it myself either when i checked it out)… anyway here’s first, one more is coming in few minutes Share With Friends

LeBron James Dunk Wallpaper

Second wallpaper of LeBron is made by home_fry from frontier-sports.net, it’s actually a remake of wallpaper made by nikebasketball i’ve seen some time ago but never posted it here now i am, and it’s a better looking version then original one… Share With Friends