Los Angeles Clippers Wallpapers

Clippers 2012 Welcome To Lob City Wallpaper

Few years ago i would never think that i will be posting so many wallpapers of LA Clippers like i do recently… but some things do change over time so here’s first out of three Clippers wallpapers i prepared for today – it’s widescreen wallpaper of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin with Welcome to Lob […]

Blake Griffin Dunk 3D Wallpaper

Have you ever seen a movie in 3D? I guess you did… well, for the first time ever i am adding 3D wallpaper (wallpaper which renders and looks like 3D picture when you put 3D glasses on)… it’s widescreen wallpaper of Blake Griffin going for slam dunk… this 3D wallpaper was made by Ryan Hurst… […]

Yaroslav Korolev Clippers Wallpaper

New wallpaper in Russia category, it’s wallpaper of young Russian basketball player Yaroslav Korolev who was 12th overall pick in NBA draft 2005. Korolev is in Los Angeles Clippers jersey in this wallpaper but he’s playing for Dynamo Moscow team at the moment… Share With Friends