Philadelphia 76ers Wallpapers

Dr. J Dunk Over Larry Bird Widescreen Wallpaper

Hi to all basketball fans :))) i delayed this update for day or two because tomorrow, in less then 24 hours i’m heading to Bulgaria with group of my friends to attend races of WRC (World Rally Championship) around Borovec mountain… i have several new wallpapers, i’ll start with great looking wall of Dr. J. […]

Allen Iverson 76ers 2560×1440 Wallpaper

Hi all since the latest event in basketball world was 2012 Hall of Fame Enshrinement this update will be retro update (with wallpapers of retired players)… i’ll start with big widescreen wallpaper of Allen Iverson in 76ers jersey… wallpaper was made by Ryan Hurst… Share With Friends

Allen Iverson 76ers Widescreen Wallpaper

The last for today will be new wallpaper of Allen Iverson made by Ivan Stader i am getting lots of AI walls since he returned to Philadelphia, also lots of requests… most of wallpapers are either already on site or are not very good, but this one is good i got it this morning and […]

Thank You Allen Iverson 2014 Wallpaper

Hey all I’ve been sick with some nasty flu so i couldn’t post new wallpapers While i was sick one big thing happened in Philadelphia – 76ers have retired jersey number 3 that belonged to Allen Iverson Day or two after jersey retirement ceremony made this new Allen Iverson wallpaper… Share With Friends

Philadelphia 76ers 2010 Widescreen Wallpaper

Next goes widescreen wallpaper of Philadelphia 76ers 2010 starting five (Louis Williams, Andre Iguodala, Thaddeus Young, Elton Brand and Samuel Dalembert)… as i said in previous posts this wallpaper was made by Dariusz Ejkiewicz as part of 2010 polaroid series for (blog of German basketball magazine Five where you can get other resolutions of […]