Ricky Davis Wallpapers

Ricky Davis Timberwolves Wallpaper

Next one is also wallpaper of Ricky Davis as member of one of his old teams, in this case Timberwolves… this wallpaper was made by RickyDavis31.com… I wanted to add walls of him in Heat or Clippers jerseys but couldn’t find any… Heat.com removed all of his walls since he’s not member of team anymore […]

Ricky Davis Celtics Wallpaper

Now i’ll add two wallpapers of Ricky Davis and open his category, the first one is wallpaper of him going for layup in Celtics jersey with cool explosion-like background… i know this is far from up-to date wallpaper since Ricky played for Celtics long time ago but at least it looks cool wallpaper was made […]