Seattle Supersonics Wallpapers

Ray Allen Shooting Wallpaper

I’m back a bit earlier then i expected but i’ll have to go again sooner… i have just enough time for one more wallpaper before i go and it will be wallpaper of Ray Allen shooting the ball in front of dark green background Share With Friends

Kevin Durant Draft Wallpaper

Recently i was asked to add new Kevin Durant wallpaper, here’s very good one imo wallpaper reminds us of Kevin’s draft into NBA, there are pictures of him wearing suite and Sonics jersey blended into shiny green background… wall was made by… Share With Friends

Kevin Durant Wallpaper

It’s time for one small update And it’s time for fresh NBA stars blood… Here’s wallpaper of Kevin Durant, young Seattle SuperSonics star and guy who was NBA Rookie of the month 4 times so far in this season and who is #1 candidate for Rookie of The Year Award.Also i want to say thanks […]