UCONN Huskies Wallpapers

Hasheem Thabeet Widescreen Wallpaper

Next in this update, the last one in September 2009, will be widescreen wallpaper of Hasheem Thabeet, 2nd 2009 NBA Draft pick… big thanks to anyone who sent this wallpaper to me since this is the first widescreen wallpaper of Hasheem i’ve seen so far wallpaper was made by Ervin Erjfef… Share With Friends

UCONN Huskies Women 89 Wins In Row Wallpaper

Hi all :))) i finally found some time to finish preparations of this update… i’ll start with adding wallpaper of UCONN Huskies women team who set the longest win streak in college basketball history with 89 consecutive victories :))) i have to say thanks to “UCONNhuskiesfan” who asked for this wallpaper in chat box, otherwise […]

Maya Moore UCONN Huskies Widescreen Wallpaper

And the last requested wallpaper i’ll add today is widescreen wallpaper of Maya Moore in UCONN Huskies jersey… i usually don’t add players before they get to professional teams, but Maya Moore will be in WNBA 100%… in very near future… wallpaper was requested by “HuskyNation” in chat box Share With Friends

Kemba Walker UCONN Widescreen Wallpaper

Shortly after previous update i received few requests to add more wallpapers of Kemba Walker… i was lucky to find this one yesterday, because i probably wouldn’t have time to make it (i’m going to my g/f in Germany on Wednesday and i’ll be there for the next 1.5 months)… anyway, wallpaper was made by […]