Basic Info About Posters

* Posters are 100% FREE. We cover all expenses (poster printing + shipping costs).
* Average value of each Poster is around $65 USD.
* Poster size is 17.72in x 13.78in (45cm x 32cm).
* Posters are PRINTED on METAL and are made to last FOREVER. Poster weight is 0.7kg.
* Winners should receive their free poster in 5-7 days (depending on the destination country).

Example Posters

* Here are our NBA Posters from 2016... We started making NBA posters back in 2016. but we stopped due to some unexpected things...
* We will start making new posters for 2017-2018 NBA season, and Winners will be able to choose to get any of them.
* In case You win and we don't have poster of Your favorite player - we will create poster for You (if You can send Us picture of player in high resolution and quality).

How to Win Posters?

1. Register free account (only valid email address and UserName are required).
2. Login into Your Profile and check out if there are some offers available for You.
3. After every sucessfully finished offer You will be awarded 10 Coins. Use Coins to win free posters.
4. Every attempt costs 1 Coin and gives You 1:1000 chance to win a poster and 1:100 chance to win additinal Coins.
5. Lucky winners need to Contact Us with their personal info and poster they want to get.
6. We will order and send Poster to You.
7. Send Us picture of You holding poster and we will reward You with 10 free Coins.
8. Repeat steps 2-7 until You are out of space on Your walls :P :D

Is My Privacy Safe? - YES !!!!

* is online for over 10 years (since October 14th, 2007).
* is well known website, and I assure You we don't need Your personal info at all :)
* Company we are ordering Posters from ( is one of the biggest companies in the World in posters printing field.