Valentines day reminder :)

Hey all of you basketball fans who are visiting my site, don’t forget that Valentines day is coming 5 more days… Go and buy some nice present or some flowers for your beloved one, or prepare some surprise (maybe romantic dinner or something like that, you know what women want, and no i’m not talking […]

Damir Mrsic Wallpaper

Hey all i was contacted by Husmin who lives in Bosnia few days ago who asked me to add some wallpapers of Bosnian players for him… I have prepared 4 wallpapers, 3 are wallpapers of Bosnian national team members and the last one will be wallpaper of Bosnian basketball legend… So let’s start, the first […]

Happy New Year :)

New year is near, very near… Few more hours and we’ll be in 2008. I wish you all to have great new year celebration with people you love and care about and to have 2008 at least a bit better then 2007 was for you. Also i want to say thanks to all of you […]

I’m back finally

Hey everyone, i’m finally back I was just about to buy new PC few days ago after my previous post and i got a flu one whole week of staying in warm bed, drinking teas and lemonades… About 4-5 days ago i got new PC, it’s all setup and ready for work now So wallpapers […]

“Buying new PC” break

Hey everyone, just few words to let you all know i haven’t gone anywhere or abandoned this web site I’m in final stages of preparing to buy new PC so i’m spending a LOTS of time making backups, sorting data from hard drive etc… I think i’ll order configuration on monday-thuesday and that i’ll set […]


Welcome aboard everyone !!! I’m Dejan – founder, admin and owner of Today is Sunday, October 14th, 2007 and for start i want to answer some FAQs… Who are You? – I’m 23 years old guy from Serbia, small country in Europe, who loves basketball and building web sites. What’s this site about? – […]

Boban Marjanovic Wallpaper

Hi ppl i’m a bit late with this update but i had some hardware problems with my pc… anyway, as i said in last update – i have several more wallpapers of Serbia national team members i’ll post them in alphabetical order so first one will be wallpaper of Boban Marjanovic… wallpaper was created by […]