Allen Iverson Back In 76ers Wallpaper

Hi all it’s time for adding new walls, and today i will add wallpapers mostly made by fans of this web site who uploaded them to me first i’ll add wallpaper of Allen Iverson who is back in 76ers i was so sad when he announced retirement but i was even more happy when Philadelphia […]

Jameer Nelson Orlando Magic Wallpaper

Hi there everyone we’re behind a bit more of 1/4 of 2010-11 season, and as always i have prepared some new wallpapers for all of you first will be new wallpaper of Jameer Nelson whose Magic is 3rd in eastern conference atm… this wallpaper was made by Kraso… Share With Friends

Derrick Rose Long Way To Go Wallpaper

Here’s new Derrick Rose of Chicago Bulls wallpaper… i guess this wallpaper was made in time of Derrick’s rookie season, since it has "Long Way To Go" inscription and picture of destroyed bridge over large river… wallpaper describes long career Rose has in years to come, even tho he became one of NBA’s top guards […]

Dwyane Wade Burning Wallpaper

I have few more walls for today, i’ll add 13 new wallpapers alltogether in this update… i have to make it a good one since i wasn’t updating site for almost a week anyway, here’s new "burning" wallpaper of Dwyane Wade… long time ago i’ve added wall of Wade burning as he goes for slam […]

Chauncey Billups Denver Nuggets Wallpaper

Time for new update for start i want to thank you all who are visiting this site and sending me requests, i was honestly surprised when i came on site to check out chat box and saw several new requests now back to update, first goes new wallpaper of Chauncey Billups in Denver Nuggets jersey […]

Allen Iverson Pistons Wallpaper

In previous wallpaper of AI he was in Nuggets jersey so i had to add one more wallpaper of him where he’s a Piston wallpaper looks simple but very good imo and that’s why i’m adding it, hope you’ll like both of these too oh yes, wall was made by Pistonsboi, this is his first […]

Dirk Nowitzki FIBA World Championship 2010 Wallpaper

When we talk about "giants" on basketball courts, Dirk Nowitzki has to be mentioned… this is wallpaper of him made for World Championship 2010… Nowitzki won’t play at this tournament because he wants to prepare for the next NBA season after signing new contract with Mavs, as he said… Germany without him is doomed […]

Al Horford Hawks Wallpaper

Hi all :)) i’ll have to rush with this update a little bit (when it comes to writing descriptions for wallpapers) cause i have training in like hour from now :))) after 11-12 years break i started training karate again, and i feel great :)) first in this update i have new wallpaper of Al […]