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I’m Back After 2 Years

I’m baacckkk After 2 years of posting no updates and boycotting NBA basketball – I decided that NBA is back to normal, that healthy and competitive environment is back in league and finally after 2 years I can say that I find NBA interesting to watch again as neutral basketball fan I’m not going to […]

Moved to New Server

I have some news again In last 24 hours I’ve been busy with moving website to new server. I am happy to say that it’s all finished now – website is moved to new server and so far everything works good (at least I couldn’t find and problems). Reason for doing this is that previous […]

NBA Mobile Wallpapers

Hi all, I have some news After lots of requests to add Mobile wallpapers of various NBA players and teams I have decided to finally start doing it Some of You might remember that back in 2012 (I think it was 2012) I have created a set of 31 Live Android Wallpapers with NBA teams […]

Seattle Supersonics Closed

As most of you know NBA team Seattle Supersonics is moved to Oklahoma City and took new name Thunder so i am now closing this category and won’t add any wallpapers of Supersonics (unless one day new time arrives in Seattle and take name Supersonics) here’s link to new team’s category with wallpapers of Oklahoma […]

Daily Updates Poll

For the end, i need Your help For the last month or so i was thinking about changing the way i work on site a little bit. As many of you who are regular visitors noticed updates became less frequesnt in previous months (reasons for that are not important but are justified by changes in […]

New Partner-Site Opened

Post Updated in 2014 – is closed down. One more post for the end of this update – i have some news for all of you basketball fans In last 2-3 days i was busy opening new partner site of… New site is, here’s quote that should explain why i needed new […]

Finally Back :)

Finally… After like 10 days i’m back I’m in new house, it took us several days to get things setup, also i was sick for few days, but it’s all finished now and i have Internet connection it’s dial up lol, but it will be good until i get ADSL again… i have already signed […]