NBA Mobile Wallpapers

Hi all, I have some news :) After lots of requests to add Mobile wallpapers of various NBA players and teams I have decided to finally start doing it :)

Some of You might remember that back in 2012 (I think it was 2012) I have created a set of 31 Live Android Wallpapers with NBA teams logos (30 active NBA teams plus SuperSonics)… It was HUGE success as wallpapers became very popular in Google Play Store and they have passed 200.000 Installs in less then 2 weeks.

However, few months later I received email that NBA filed copyright complaint and Google Play Store removed all of my Apps… I was very disappointed and back then I said to myself that I am done with anything related to NBA and Mobile phones :(

Since then I have received a LOT messages over email and Facebook from people asking for mobile phone wallpapers. I always replied that covers only desktop wallpapers but that will change in future…

I have created around 15 mobile wallpapers so far and starting today I will start publishing them on daily basis :)

Dejan M. :)

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