Summer Vacation and New Web Site

Now as i said, few words about me and reasons why i was late/delayed with this last update :)

1. I am going on 10 days vacation with my g/f and few of my best friends and their girlfriends :) we’re leaving tomorrow and will be back near end of the month, there’s chance that we will stay more then 10 days if we have some good time and good weather ofc :) sea with bad weather is not worth anything :) that’s why i delayed update for few days… because i wanted to split time i won’t be adding anything new a bit… if i posted update 3-4 days ago when i planned site would be left for more then 20 days with nothing new… this way i posted today and will do it again in about 10-15 days :)

2. Second reason is that i recently started working on new web site with colleague of mine… it won’t be related to basketball but to security on social networks like FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, Hi5 and similar popular sites :) project is huge, idea is great and everyone close to me who i talked to about it had positive reactions… i think i’ll need month or so after i get back from this vacation to finish it and get it going…

See you all when i get back home,
Dejan M. aka Admin :)

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