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Hi all :) i just wanted to post few words and to show you reason why i have updated this site a bit less then usual in last 10-15 days…

First i was concerned about political problems in my country (i’m from Serbia and probably most of you know what happened here about a week ago, Kosovo independence, attacks on embassies, reactions from all over the World to all that etc… Very stressful for everybody and i wasn’t in mood to work on sites at those moments, i know you all understand. No one can work when he doesn’t know if his/hers country might get bombed by NATO or isolated from World in very near future)…

But that wasn’t all, before and after those couple of tense days i was working on new site WallpapersTalk.com and i have added some tools on it, tools you can see at top of this site, just under the header – Upload Wallpapers and Resize Wallpapers. Feel free to use both of those to send me wallpapers you made or ones you found on the Internet if you think others might like them and to resize wallpapers you have (this is perfect for people who are not good with graphics software or just can’t be bothered with using them). I’m planing to add forum to wallpapers talk also but i’m not sure when, i’ll let you all know when i open it :)

Also i want to use this chance to say thanks to all of you who are visiting this site, to those of you who registered accounts and to say thanks in advance to all of you who will send me wallpapers and help me to make this website better then it’s now :)

Enjoy Your day everybody,
Dejan M. :)

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